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Liberating Symbols Publishing (LSP)

Liberating-Symbols-Publishing (LSP) is a non-profit centre in Switzerland, responsible for the translations of the works of Medhananda and Yvonne Artaud from English or French into other European languages, and for the publication of the works of Medhananda and Yvonne Artaud in Europe and America. The copyright for Medhananda’s and Yvonne Artaud’s works which are sold in Europe and America is: © Liberating Symbols Publishing, LSP

Medhananda, born Fritz Winkelstroeter in Pforzheim, Germany, in 1908, wrote his manuscripts in English (although his mother tongue was German), because he lived from 1952 until his passing in 1994 in South India, first in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, later in the Identity Research Institute, a non-profit foundation for psychological research which he and his collaborator Yvonne Artaud have founded in 1978. They started an in-depth exploration of the symbology of the hieroglyphs and pictorial imagery of ancient Egypt, using the psychological approach that Sri Aurobindo had initiated for the interpretation of the Indian Vedas (the ancient spiritual texts of India).

Yvonne Artaud, born in Lyon, France, in 1924 joined the Sri Aurobindo Ashram also in 1952 and wrote her works (about the psychology of self-awareness in pre-school children and South Indian primates) in English or French. Author of numerous studies on childhood education, she is the creator of several innovative teaching-learning materials.

The IRISI centre in India is responsible for the publications of Medhananda’s and Yvonne Artaud’s books in Asia and for the translations into Asiatic languages. The copyright for the books sold in Asia is: © Identity Research Institute South India, IRISI

Both centres, the European LSP and the Asian IRISI, are independent, but work closely together.

Contact address for the Liberating Symbols Publishing (LSP) centre:

Rosemarie and Christoph Graf
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CH-3612 Steffisburg
E-mail: symbols [at]

Contact address for the IRISI centre in South India irisi [at] see also Website: